About Us

Our mission is to help promote the criminally overlooked but creatively fertile field of indie horror by singling out top notch work with a wide variety of awards such as:
- Best Feature
- Best Short
- Best Director
- Best Actress
- Best Actor
- Best Supporting Role
- Best Cinematography
- Best Special Effects
- Best Sound
- Best Music
- Best Editing
- Best Feature Script
- Best Short Script
- Best Web Series
- Best Documentary
- Best Animation
- Best Kill
- Best Scare
- Best Gore
- Best Atmosphere
- Best Original Concept
- Best Nudity
- Best Badass
- Most Disturbing

Movies, scripts, and web series are all welcome! We give special attention to low budget films especially no budget entries! We're sick to death of the endless barrage of remakes and sequels that so clearly signaled the demise of originality in mainstream horror. Most of the horror classics still beloved today were indie films: John Carpenter's Halloween, Evil Dead, Tobe Hooper's raw The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, etc.

We reserve the right to omit a particular award if we didn't receive enough entries in that category or if none of the submissions met our high judging standards. If we deem it appropriate, additional categories of awards may be presented.

Laurels in JPG format will be sent to all nominees and winners. No trophies, medals, or certificates are given in order to keep entry fees lower. There are no cash prizes.

With all kinds of different awards, you have more chances to win. Every four months (used to be every two months but we've changed now), we choose nominees and winners so filmmakers don't have to wait an entire year for results. This enables you to quickly build buzz for your project. Winners and nominees will be announced by the end of the following month after the final four-month deadline. For example, the results for Spring (entries submitted in January, February, March, and April) will be posted by May 31st. For the Summer deadline (entries submitted in May, June, July, and August), the results will be up by September 30th. For the Winter deadline (entries submitted in September, October, November, and December), the results will be posted by January 31st.

We are an online competition that does not screen films to the public so you don't have to worry about ruining your premiere status. This also helps us keep submissions fees as low as possible.

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